Athlete FAQs

Transport: What is the best way for me to get around Darwin?

A free accredited shuttle bus service will be offered with dedicated stops at all competition venues as well as specific activation/hub sites.

The free shuttle bus service will operate on a regular frequency – timings to be advised.

Accredited persons will be able to access the Darwin Public Bus network for free by visibly wearing their accreditation.

There will be an airport shuttle provided for arrivals and departures.

Visas: I am an international athlete what type of visa will I need?

Please refer to the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs website to determine the most appropriate visa and eligibility criteria for your nationality.

Getting an appropriate visa is the responsibility of the individual. Games Organisers will provide support during the visa application process.

Catering: Will food be provided for me during the Arafura Games?

Meals or dedicated catering won’t be provided to athletes or team officials unless otherwise stated.

Food and drinks will be available to purchase at all competition venues.

Water for athletes will be provided at all competition venues.

Per diems will not be given to participating countries or Team Managers/Chef de Misson.

Flights: Will the Organising Committee assist me to book my flights?

All flights will be at the expense and organisation of the participating nation.

Each nation is encouraged to book travel as far in advance as possible.

There will be support provided at the Airport to welcome you and assist with transport questions, event information.

Technical Officials: I am a Referee, Umpire, Judge, official for my sport, how can I get involved?

Technical Officials will be managed by the NT State Sporting Organisations with contact details for the NT Sport Manager available on each sport specific page of the Arafura Games website.

International Federation rules and regulations apply to the Arafura Games. Skilled Technical Officials have been sourced to ensure competition is fair and delivered to expectations. 

Sport Entries: How do I register to compete / participate and will it cost me anything?

There are no entry fees to compete in the Arafura Games (with a minor exception for Australian Weightlifters). Sailing competitors will be required to pay a refundable bond for use of a boat.

Entries are closed for most sports with the exception of Squash (closes 1 April) and ITF Futures Wheelchair Tennis (closes 5 April). 

Register Now

Your registration won’t be confirmed until a member of the Organising Committee or NT Sport Manager has responded with a confirmation.

Will there be Opening and Closing Ceremonies for the Games?

Instead of the more traditional Ceremonies there will be Opening and Closing Celebrations! Athletes and team officials are requested to attend the celebration events. 

What is Accreditation?

All athletes and team officials will receive accreditation that will allow venue access, access to the accredited shuttle service and free public transport. Accreditation will be accepted on the basis that all athletes qualify under their sport specific rules and regulations. Accreditation must be visibly worn to access Games venues and transport options.  

Where do I get more information?

Please read the Sport Handbook for further detailed information.