27 April to 4 May 2019


Weightlifting is a sport that demonstrates more than technical ability. It is a triumph of body and mind that few other sports can so clearly spotlight.
With powerhouse legs, dynamite arms and a concrete core on show from every athlete, no other sport can match Weightlifting in a display of pure, crowd-captivating strength.
As you witness the event unfolding, you will find your own body tensing in empathy with the struggle, you will share the relief when the weight is conquered… or the disappointment of a failed attempt when the weight comes crashing down.
Weightlifting events at the Arafura Games will feature two exciting lifts, the “snatch”, and the “clean-and-jerk”.
In the snatch, the weight is lifted from the floor in a split second through one swift movement requiring excellent precision and timing.
The clean and jerk is a two-stage movement in which the bar is lifted firstly to the shoulders before being driven to arm’s length over the head. The clean & jerk requires all the determination and courage the lifter can muster. The heaviest snatch result is added to the heaviest clean & jerk result to give each lifter a total that will determine the all-important placings.
Competitors throughout Australia, Oceania, Pacific and Asian regions will gather together in Darwin to contest the 2019 Arafura Games, each lifter will be separated into various gender and weight categories resulting in many exciting battles taking place as the athletes lift heavier and heavier weights in an effort to win the much sought after Gold, Silver and Bronze Arafura Games medals.
Who will be the strongest of them all?