Muaythai, the ancient art of ‘Eight Limbs’, consists of eight weapons: elbows, fists (strikes), knees and legs (kicks). Full contact technique allows kick, punch, knee and elbow striking at all ranges, clinching, where fighters can effectively strike with the elbow and knee, and sweeping tactics, where opponents are brought to the ground.

Athletes in the Elite A Class will display tremendous power, maximum efficiency and raw simplicity in a bid to qualify for the Birmingham World Games 2021. The quality of competition will be second to none.

Fast Fact
While IFMA’s rules & regulations stipulate the rounds of a Muaythai bout to last three minutes each, the sport’s method for timing these rounds around the 1900s was quite unique: a pierced coconut shell placed in water. When the coconut filled with water and sunk, the round was over.