Arafura Games 2019 Medals Unveiled

A striking set of gold, silver and bronze medals for the Arafura Games 2019 (AG2019) were unveiled at a media launch with the Minister for the Arafura Games Natasha Fyles on Wednesday.

The medal design, which depicts goannas swimming in freshwater and highlights fine brushwork to create a sense of movement, was carefully created by Larrakia artist Dotty Fejo.

Dotty’s art is unique in the way she uses lines to create a three-dimensional effect, adapting her specialty of curved lines to create a sense of goannas swimming.

“My art tells the story of my family and hunting for food on Larrakia land. We hunt goanna, they are strong and agile and powerful, like an athlete. They put up a good fight.”

She said her medal designs made her “very proud” and she was blown away at how her drawing, which took her just over an hour while sitting at the kitchen table at her home in Acacia, was transferred to the medals.