Arafura Games 2019 boxers in great medical hands

History was made at the Arafura Games 2019 this week when a pair of Indigenous doctors took their positions ringside at the Darwin Convention Centre boxing tournament.

Mt Isa general practitioner Dr Aaron Davis and fellow GP Dr Sean White from Orange in NSW are the first all-aboriginal team to provide ringside medical services at an Arafura Games.

Dr Davis, who has worked within the sport for over a decade, said he leapt at the chance.

“Boxing doesn’t always get a good wrap within the medical community.

“A lot of my cohort of doctors condone violence and the sport of boxing, so it’s often quite hard to get GPs to help out at these events.

“But here this event is run by a good group of people and good officials and good judges who take their jobs seriously.

“And we take our jobs very seriously too,” he said.

The doctors said the injuries sustained by the Arafura Games boxers this week have all been minor.

“We’ve only seen a few cuts and lacerations that we’ve been able to take care of at the on-site medical centre and we haven’t had anyone taken to hospital by the paramedics,” Dr Davis said.

Dr White said the presence of he and Dr Davis highlighted the high level of aboriginal involvement in the sport.

“We see a lot of aboriginal competitors in the ring and a lot of good Indigenous people come through the boxing environment.

“So, it’s great that we can support those athletes in this way,” he said.