The Northern Territory has an established reputation as a unique tourism destination centred on its extraordinary natural landscapes and rich Indigenous culture.  Tourism is the third highest contributor to the Northern Territory economy behind construction and mining, contributing an estimated $1.76 billion annually in Gross Value Added.

Asian markets represented around 19% of the total 293,000 international visitors to the Territory for year ending September 2016, with traditional markets in the Western hemisphere contributing the vast majority of international visitor numbers.  In the past the Arafura Games delivered very minimal direct tourism impact as many visitors were billeted rather than staying in commercial accommodation.  As remains the case the Territory tourism offering does not align well with the product or value expectations of travellers from Asian markets.  Positive benefits to the tourism industry could be realised, such as through pre and post touring, if a reinvigorated Arafura Games significantly increases visitation to the Territory from key tourism source markets in the region.

Discussion Points

  • What tourism markets (country, demographics) do you consider important to attract to the Arafura Games?  What targets are realistic?
  • What benefits were realised by the tourism industry as a result of the previous Arafura Games?
  • How can a revitalised Arafura Games contribute to the local tourism industry?