Since the last Arafura Games held in 2011, sport has grown significantly in the Asia-Pacific region.  It is a progressive market and there has been increased investment in the development of the sporting industries of many neighbouring countries.

It is important that we understand the sporting competition needs of both our Northern Territory sporting organisations as well as those of our Asia-Pacific neighbours.  This will influence and inform the development of the structure of the sporting competition and how it is delivered.

The Steering Committee has put together discussion points to assist organisations and individuals with written submissions or presentation at a consultation hearing. This is only a guide and you are encouraged to cover additional topics that you feel are relevant.

Alternatively you can complete the survey below.

Discussion Points

  • What venues of appropriate standard are available in Darwin to host the Arafura Games?
  • Is there a place to include extreme sports in the Arafura Games?
  • Should the Arafura Games be a qualifying event for other national or international competitions?
  • What role can local sporting associations/community groups or individuals play in making the Arafura Games a reality?
  • Should the Arafura Games support para-athletic competition, as it has in the past?
  • Should Northern Territory athletes/sporting bodies participate in reciprocal International events?
  • Are there existing working relationships with other Asia-Pacific sporting or community bodies that could benefit the Arafura Games?