Business and Trade

Darwin is ideally situated on Asia’s doorstep. As the closest region to Asia, the ‘Top End’ remains a valuable strategic location to Australia.  This has enabled the Northern Territory to progressively integrate its economy with the Asian region.  To attract increased foreign investment and further establish the Northern Territory as the gateway to Asia for tourists and businesses alike, growing strong relationships with the booming Asia-Pacific region is vital.

The Arafura Games has the potential to become a key element to strengthen and sustain existing networks and leverage growth and opportunities in the tourism, business and trade industries.  In order to do this the Arafura Games must clearly define how it may become a platform to sustain these relationships and strengthen its presence in the Asia-Pacific region.

The Steering Committee has put together discussion points to assist organisations and individuals with written submissions or presentation at a consultation hearing. This is only a guide and you are encouraged to cover additional topics that you feel are relevant.

Discussion Points

  • What benefits or business improvements were realised by business/industry as a result of the previous Arafura Games?
  • What would a reinstated Arafura Games mean for local businesses/industries?
  • How could local businesses/industries contribute to the Arafura Games?
  • Which countries do you consider important to involve in the Arafura Games?