Arts and Culture

The Northern Territory, as an inclusive society, values and embraces cultural diversity.
The Arafura Games presented an opportunity to showcase and celebrate the vibrant and distinctive arts and culture of the Northern Territory and participating countries.

In particular, the Arafura Games opening and closing ceremonies provided an opportunity for the Northern Territory arts sector to curate and showcase local and visiting artists, as well as opportunities for youth, multicultural engagement and participation.

More broadly, a revitalised Arafura Games could also provide opportunities to strengthen existing and establish new arts and cultural relationships across the Asia-Pacific region.  This may be fostered through a program of arts and cultural activities during the Arafura Games, linking to and promoting existing arts events, festivals and relationships with the arts sector in Darwin and the Northern Territory.

The Arafura Games has the potential for arts sector development as well as business and employment opportunities for local artists and organisations. The Steering Committee has put together discussion points to assist organisations and individuals with written submissions or presentation at a consultation hearing. This is only a guide and you are encouraged to cover additional topics that you feel are relevant.

Discussion Points

  • What is the best way to celebrate and showcase Northern Territory arts and culture during the Arafura Games?
  • What opportunities are there for Northern Territory organisations to work with or partner with visiting countries to showcase arts and culture at the Arafura Games?