Arafura Games FAQs

When are the Arafura Games?

The Arafura Games 2019 will be held from Friday, 26 April until Saturday, 4 May.  The Opening Celebration will start on Friday, 26 April at the Darwin Waterfront at 6.30pm. Sport competition will be held throughout Darwin from Saturday, 27 April to Saturday, 4 May.  The Closing Celebration for the Games will be held on Saturday, 4 May at 6.30pm at the Darwin Waterfront.

Where will the Arafura Games be held?

The Games will be held across Darwin at

Darwin Convention Centre

  • 3x3 Basketball Pro Hustle
  • Boxing
  • Badminton
  • Muaythai
  • Sepak Takraw
  • Weightlifting

Darwin Waterfront

  • Opening and Closing Celebrations
  • Volleyball (Outdoor)

Marrara Sporting Complex

  • Athletics, Arafura Stadium
  • Basketball, Darwin Basketball Stadium
  • Football, Darwin Football Stadium
  • Netball, Territory Netball Stadium
  • Squash, Darwin Squash Centre
  • Table Tennis, Marrara Indoor Stadium
  • Tennis, Darwin International Tennis Centre
  • Volleyball (Indoor), Territory Netball Stadium

Parap Swimming Pool

  • Swimming

Darwin Sailing Club

  • Sailing
What is the sports competition schedule for the Games?

The sports competition schedule highlights when each individual sport is playing and which venue. Click here to visit

Entry for spectators to all sports is free and non-ticketed (excluding 3x3 Pro Hustle Basketball). 

Are the events at the Arafura Games free?

All Arafura Games events are free to attend and non-ticketed (excluding 3x3 Pro Hustle Basketball). 

Tickets to 3x3 Pro Hustle Basketball, to be held at the Darwin Convention Centre, can be purchased at

What other events are on during the Arafura Games?

During the week of the Games there other great events taking place. 

For more events visit the Purple Patch Hub page here

What is the best way to get to Arafura Games venues?

We advise using public transport to get to the venue.  Please go here

Is there accessible public transport to the venues?

Yes. There is accessible public transport to the venues. Public buses are low floor and fitted with ramps that allow access for wheelchairs and light weight mobility aids. For more information, visit:

Can I park at Arafura Games venues?

Yes. Most of the parking stations will be open to the public, however parking will be limited.

Please check the following links before driving to Arafura Games venues. Fees will apply at Darwin Waterfront and Darwin Convention Centre.

Darwin Convention Centre (

Darwin Waterfront (


Can I take food and drinks into the Arafura Games venues?

You can take food and drinks into most Arafura Games venues. However, food and drinks are not permitted to enter the Darwin Convention Centre.


Can I bring a bag into the venues?

Yes, however, you should expect a bag check for prohibited items.

What can't I take into Arafura Games venues and to events?

There’s a list of prohibited items which will be displayed at bag screening areas. The list includes:

  • Alcohol
  • Strobe lights, laser pointers
  • Flares or other flammable objects
  • Inappropriately messaged clothing, banners, posters or other materials
  • Knives or weapons
What is the difference between a prohibited and a restricted item?

Prohibited items are not allowed to be taken into any Arafura Games venue.  Any person in possession of a prohibited item will not be have access to the venue.  Restricted items can be taken into a venue but cannot be used in a way that negatively impacts on the athletes, the sport and other people in the venue.  A person may be removed from the venue if this is deemed to be the case.

Can I bring a flag into the venues?

Yes, but your flag sticks or poles must not be over 1.5 metres in length and the flag must not be larger than 1.5 square metres.
You can fly the flag in fun but you must not use the flag in any way that negatively impacts the enjoyment and safety of others.

Can I bring a camera to events and into venues?

Yes, but photographic equipment including tripods and ‘selfie sticks’ must not be used in any way that negatively impacts the enjoyment and safety of others. You cannot use flash.

Can I bring horns, trumpets or vuvuzela type noise makers?

In general, these are allowed but please be considerate of others when playing them. They must not be used in any way that negatively impacts the athletes and the enjoyment and safety of others.